CFdB has a NEW MONITORA – Congratulations Monitora Corujinha & Jersey Capoeira!

This week, Mestre Val advanced ‘Corujinha’ Corrine Davey to Monitor level. She has been training Capoeira for 15 years and with Mestre Val & Capoeira Filhos da Bahia for 5 years. Here she is pictured with her group in the UK, in the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands at their Brazilian Capoeira Festival this week. Congratulations Monitora Corujinha & Jersey Capoeira students, welcome to the Capoeira Filhos da Bahia family & community! Axe!

FROM MESTRE VAL – Happy Birthday to Monitora Corujinha Davey, its being a great honor for being here in Jersey and be hosted by you, your family, friends and the CFdB Jersey Capoeira Family. God Bless you Today and always :)

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