Mestre Val performs with SistaNative at Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

A Message from SistaNative (aka Cantora)

When my Master helps me & is by my side.. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE :) <3

Creative life is a wonderous hectic supernatural storm that rages fulfillment & also wages war on the senses, the Heart and sometimes the community.. To create is to live life to the fullest.

No one person is an island.. my wish is that all beings feel the touch of inspiration to create & manifest something, even one thing and share it in their lifetime – however long or however short <3

Feeling blessed by the enthusiasm, dedication & follow through with Heart-felt, inspired action by my Creative Team <3

<3 The humility, ability to change, creative energy, dedication, inspiration, willpower, improvisational power, changing force, willingness, hard-working, endurance, intelligence, co-operative spirit, accessibility, resilience, sheer musical skill, artistic vision, commitment, sheer beauty & drive of my Capoeira Master is nothing short of sheer brilliance.

He is often embarrassed if you say these things directly to him, but others often don’t see those moments, when he fills a gap, or leaves a silence but is still listening, when he disappears but is still with you.. when he sees your plan, on the floor and all the tools and a big empty space.. when he understands what you intend but he sees that you are too busy to tend to it..

I like to celebrate those people & those acts of extreme kindness.. who do those things in the crevices of realistic time gone wild with flow.. there is a fortune to be experienced in service of self through service to others :)

I feel that most people experience this.. we are rarely celebrated absolutely for the small invisible tasks of doing & sometimes not-doing, for others.

The best things in life are intangible: love, humour, honesty, trust, leadership, enthusiasm, beauty, cleverness, etc..

I cannot count the infinite ways that Creative life reminds me of the grand organised design of all things – when Love & inspiration is present, living is truly a Divine experience.

#BrandNiU – YOU ARE HERE [portality40]
Art installation at MCA ARTBAR #MCAARTBAR
(photo by: KoCo Carey​)

#BrandNiU – YOU ARE HERE [portality40] – Artwork set intallation 25/9/15 MCA Museum Contemporary Art – Sydney



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