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CAO – Capoeira Arts Organisation is a Non-Profit Organisation


CAO – Capoeira Arts Organisation seeks to empower marginalized communities by sharing the benefits of Capoeira through education workshops, community involvement, training and performance.

CAO share the energy of Capoeira to create positive change.

Company Overview CAO – seeks to cater for marginalized communities. The organisation also seeks funding from Government sector, Private sponsorship and Philanthropic grants.

Many current clients are youth organisations, community groups and individuals.



(a) to promote health and wellbeing in young people from low socio-economic, indigenous and refugee/migrant backgrounds, by introducing them to Capoeira as an art-form and recreation activity

(b) to foster these young people’s ability and confidence, to improve their physical and mental health, through the teaching and development of Capoeira skills (the martial art, acrobatics, singing, dancing and music)

(c) to minimise risk factors associated with harm from tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, by demonstrating the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices

(d) to reduce risk factors associated with family breakdown and homelessness, by encouraging parental and community involvement in Capoeira programs and events

(e) to minimise risk factors associated with criminal offending, through mentorship, confidence and skill building and positive peer support

(f) to promote cross-cultural education and harmony, by advancing the inclusive values of Capoeira

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art which involves combative, dance, acrobatic and musical elements. It was created by African people, those brought to Brazil as slaves in the sixteenth century. It began as, and continues to be, an expression of freedom and equality; a resistance against social, cultural and economic oppression. To this end, Capoeira is an important tool of social inclusion, for young people from marginalised groups (for example, those from refugee and migrant, indigenous and economically disadvantaged backgrounds).

The Capoeira Filhos da Bahia Academy (CFdB) has worked with young people in Yarra since 2007. It has provided Capoeira performances, workshops and excursions to children from refugee and migrant backgrounds. CAO was initially created as a non-profit arm of CFdB, so that more intensive work could be undertaken with these young people.


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