Mestre Val’s Capoeira Samba Show presents you with an exciting display of authentic Brazilian dance. Watch the amazing Capoeiristas as they fly through the air with somersaults & spins. Experience the sizzling sounds of Samba & Lambada.. Allow your senses to be awakened by live Batucada.

Mestre Val’s Capoeira Samba Show is led by Mestre Val Boa Morte himself (Capoeira Filhos da Bahia). Mestre Val has been performing & teaching throughout Australia and all around the world for 28 years. Naturally Mestre Val is from Salvador, Bahia & resides in Melbourne.

Current line-up includes: Christophe Géara, Monitor Caleb ‘Beicola’, Monitor Jasiah ‘Batata’, Sebastiao and Mestre Val Boa Morte.

Mestre Val’s Capoeira Samba Show offers performances for private functions & workshops: for groups or private tuition.


Edval Santos – Mestre Val Boa Morte

Phone: (03) 9416 2161 | 0448 801 192

Join in the awesome energy of Mestre Val’s Capoeira Samba Show! Axé!

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