Awaken Your Dance Warrior – AUG 22

Mestre Val Boa Morte & Capoeira Filhos da Bahia are collaborating with Power Living in Fitzroy to present a wonderful community event!

Awaken Your Dancing Warrior

Fitzroy Studio

Saturday 22 August | 1:00pm-4:00pm

FREE Community Event

At: POWER LIVING – 260 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy (03) 9419 1118

Immerse yourself in the vibrancy of the South American culture, by experiencing the Brazilian Artform: Capoeira and the vitality of the Capoeira playing circle called a Roda.

Learn the fundamentals of Capoeira, a game, a dance, a martial art form, led by Capoeira pioneer – Mestre Val Boa Morte of Capoeira Filhos da Bahia. This will be followed by a spiced up Vinyasa journey led by our Colombian instructor Ana.

A Fierce Capoeira Friday by Cantora

Last Friday was a loooooooooooooooong day of Capoeira teaching for Mestre Val :) This may be a case of ‘you had to be there’ but I’ll attempt to share here, anyway..

It’s not a big deal.. no event of note.. just a bit of “A Day in The Life of Meu Mestre”… elements of living the Capoeira Path in Australia..

Leaving the Capoeira school around Midday, for the second time this week, a group of us drove out of town, had an afternoon of Capoeira workshops with teenagers, then a drive home, straight into a Capoeira Kids class, a rushed half hour quick dinner at our favourite local restarurant ‘Coconut Palms’ having had no real Lunch break.. (truth is, I don’t think Mestre Val would have eaten if I didn’t insist.. when things are busy, he can forget sometimes..) followed by an Adults Capoeira class. AFTER CLASS – A loooooooooooooong hangout conversation with visiting Capoeiristas, stories of Capoeira history, challenges faced in Mestre Val’s Capoeira life, stories involving famous Capoeiristas that are known worldwide as well as stories of little-known or unknown Capoeiristas that he has encountered in his travels.. an interesting life in Capoeira.

Truthfully, the day was not very different at all, from any other day of Capoeira at CFdB.. but I witnessed something I feel that I’ve witnessed many times with Mestre Val, so I thought I would share it for those who may have not seen this side of him yet. Despite fatigue, despite challenges of all kinds, no matter how busy and crazy life gets.. somehow – over the decades he continues his committed and absolute passion for this artform and sharing it with others.

Still full from a quick dinner, FRIDAY CAPOEIRA CLASS became emblazoned with a fiery passion – Mestre Val was on  a mission looking for something distinct from all of us in the class. It was fierce, it was complex, it was subtle and it was a very inspired event. It was just an ordinary, everyday Capoeira Class.. but even though there was a great excuse to have little or limited effort with the day’s events, the teacher could be forgiven for simply ‘taking it easy’. Mestre Val didn’t do that.. he hardly ever does that – he drove us all hard, at the many levels that were present and the result was a truly inspiring Capoeira class that we seriously can not believe we survived, each at our own level. It was a GREAT class, but was also a very very challenging class for us all.. starting as a slow burning embers.. growing into a blaze to be endured. Complex, yet calm in it’s challenge.

EVERYONE dug deep. Everyone put in a massive effort. Everyone pushed beyond their own limitations. Everyone felt the steep climb of the challenges set for us… and accepted it. No ego, no identity, no crap, just steady & guided action. It was a peaceful & beautiful thing to experience here at CFdB, being guided from doubt through to certainty by our Mestre.

Capoeira moments are so intense & awesome. For me, I think that this was my most favourite class with Mestre Val EVER to date. I’m not sure what made it my favourite – usually I LOVE when a Music Class connects with a Capoeira class. Simply, I think it was the pure energy that was present. As Sebastiao would say OUT LOUD “Energia Pura” :). I just LOVED the quiet, willing energy from every random Capoeirista present and I loved the inspiration that we, as a collective, brought out of my Master… and then, what what he gave back to us, in energy, in challenge, in passion, in technique and wisdom is something special. A gift.

Interestingly, many of us had not met before here. Some of us were from the group, some were visiting from abroad, some of us are visitors from time-to-time.. and also, there was 1 BEGINNER having her first CFdB class with us.. hahaha :) All of us, left CFdB feeling that special feeling that you get from a pure energetic feeling that comes from exhausting yourself and others, through facing challenges together in a Capoeira class.

Inspired by a fierce and challenging day of Capoeira, it’s pretty awesome to watch the World push a Capoeirista and to be there, present when the Master of Capoeira pushes back against the challenges, the fatigue and meets challenge with the pure energy of embodying Capoeira.. when he gets fierce and shares his passion for Capoeira with students of all levels and all walks of life.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen this drive & dedication result in a passionate and inspired display of Capoeira inspiration and shared wisdom.. and it wont be the last, but it’s a reminder that: When you get tired, Volta ao Mundo.. and Play again… and again.. and again.. and again.. and a reminder that passion and inspiration will flow ‘somehow’, when you live and love your Artform and when you share it at every opportunity it with anyone who is willing to learn with you.

A good reminder: Capoeira can be a real pleasure & a great challenge at every leg, through every phase of the lifelong journey. A constant learning, Capoeira has many faces & it is many things to many different kinds of people, all over the world.

A reminder of our school symbol, the Eagle in flight that carries and elevates carrying a Berimbau clutched in it’s feet. On Friday, I was reminded that Capoeira is also an imagined place to go beyond yourself, Capoeira energy is a problem solver and a life simplifier. It feels comforting and inspiring to have the wisdom of pure Capoeira experience from a Master, as a compass and a guide through a Capoeira path that expands for the Capoeirista, stretching out towards an unknown horizon. That connection to the roots of Capoeira makes the Capoeira pathway a sacred one, a lineage and a lived Culture to contribute to and participate in. A true Blessing.

Viva Meu Mestre!

Mestre Alfredo at CFdB Academy


Pictured here, alongside his portrait in the Mural at CFdB Academy is Mestre Val’s Capoeira Master, Mestre Alfredo who lives in Bahia, Brazil. Here he is, visiting CFdB for the 20th Capoeira Filhos da Bahia International Encounter 2013 – Celebrating 20 Years in Australia.

At this event, Mestre Alfredo finally graded Mestre Val with the highest grade available in CFdB – an all white Cord, recognition of achieving the highest level of Capoeira Mastery. Mestre Alfredo is a student of Mestre Paulo dos Anjos.


Capoeira Kids inspiration ‘Play our Game’ by Thalia

‘Play our game’ By Thalia Osegueda Boa Morte Santos.

I just found this artwork done by my beautiful Daughter Thalia on June 4th of 2015 and I am so amazed with her imagination and intelligence, I do keep each and every things she creates and time to time I look at them, I didn’t see that one until today when I was tiding up. Thanks Thalia, you made my day once more

– Mestre Val Boa Morte

RODA in RIMINI, ITALY – Regular Capoeira Classes in SEPT!


VIA MERCADENTE 14, 47841  Cattolica, Emilia-Romagna, Italy



Universum Klub Palestre says:


Great day of capoeira organised by Australia Gugu Capoeira Feliz da Vida gugu the gym Universum Klub Pasini Fabio present the best masters… A tradition that continues as every year to Catholic…
In September, the classes will be held in the gym on a regular basis…

CFdB has a NEW MONITORA – Congratulations Monitora Corujinha & Jersey Capoeira!

This week, Mestre Val advanced ‘Corujinha’ Corrine Davey to Monitor level. She has been training Capoeira for 15 years and with Mestre Val & Capoeira Filhos da Bahia for 5 years. Here she is pictured with her group in the UK, in the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands at their Brazilian Capoeira Festival this week. Congratulations Monitora Corujinha & Jersey Capoeira students, welcome to the Capoeira Filhos da Bahia family & community! Axe!

FROM MESTRE VAL – Happy Birthday to Monitora Corujinha Davey, its being a great honor for being here in Jersey and be hosted by you, your family, friends and the CFdB Jersey Capoeira Family. God Bless you Today and always :)

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