Why are we FUNDRAISING ???


Everyone at CFdB is fundraising for the INCREDIBLE opportunity to benefit from Mestre Val’s peers in the Capoeira World.


Training at CFdB gives you immediate access to an amazing lineage of Capoeira – DIRECT from Salvador, Bahia BRAZIL as well as other International perspectives.


What do you get ???


RIGHT HERE IN MELBOURNE: You get to participate locally in an International community of Capoeira culture. Each year, Mestre Val commits to hosting Masters & Teachers of Capoeira from around the World. Those visiting are some of the most highly regarded Capoeria teachers in the World.


At CFdB, you get to share intimately in the knowledge & experience of Masters of Capoeira. You get to collect your very own moments in your Capoeira experience. This is an invaluable resource for any Capoeirista.


The Event: 19th CFdB International Encounter 2012


The Event costs a lot of $$$ – involving airfares, visas, hosting costs.

Mestre Val has been committed to an Annual Event for nearly 20 YEARS! He has dedicated his life to Capoeira and sharing Afro-Brazilian culture with his students & students from other Capoeira schools AROUND THE WORLD! Part of this dedication involves importing what he considers the most essential elements of Capoeira, to give his students the opportunity to experience parts of Capoeira that they cannot ordinarily access in Australia.


The visiting Mestres & Teachers of Brazilian culture gives you greater access to experience Capoeira life from Brazil, improve your skills & gain various perspectives which can only expand your knowledge, understanding & expression as a Capoeirista.


Thank you for your generosity, support & being involved in Capoeira here in Australia! Axe!