Capoeira Filhos da Bahia uses NATURE as it’s primary reference to show the evolution of the Capoeira student. Taking inspiration from the Natural order of growth in fruit, vegetation & the Elements of Nature; the colours used in the Capoeira Filhos da Bahia Grading System reflect the growth and maturation process in Nature & our Environment.

Cordel or Coloured belts represent the Grade of the Capoeira student. They are used to symbolise the student’s level of skill, fitness, agility, improvement, understanding of the game and elements of Capoeira. The various colours show the Degree of Mastership attained by the student, and their level of achievement along the Capoeira Path.


This is the first Cordel that a student receives with their uniform when they begin training & join Capoeira Filhos da Bahia.


After Batizado, once a student is baptised,  this is the first official Graded Cordel they recieve. Green Colour represents an unripened fruit, which needs time to grow & mature. It symbolises that the student has just begun their journey in the World of Capoeira.

2 – GREEN with Green & Yellow Tip

Gaining this Cordel shows that the student is beginning to gain an understanding of the Capoeira game. Yellow Colour represents the beginning of the rippening process. It symbolises that the student is beginning to mature in Capoeira.

3 – GREEN with Yellow Tip

This Cordel shows that the student is continuing to appreciate more about Capoeira, the game and themselves. The Yellow colour represents the continued growth in learning. It symbolises the continued maturing process and ripening of the Capoeira student.


With this Cordel, the student begins to develop confidence within the game, this enables them to progress and face more obstacles ahead. The Yellow colour appearing throughout the Cordel represents a more full maturing. It symbolises the end of the beginning stages in Capoeira.

5 – GREEN & YELLOW with Yellow Tip

With this Cordel, the student’s focus is now on producing a sharp and fluent game, combined with a sound grasp of music and specifically, playing Berimbau. The colour represents the student’s further rippening into maturity with Yellow dominating the Cordel.

6 – YELLOW with Green Tip

With this Cordel, the student’s focus is developing confidence in Capoeira music; playing instruments and singing. The Green colour is gradually disappearing from the Cordel, representing that the student is almost fully ripe.

7 – YELLOW with Green & Yellow Tip

With this Cordel the student’s focus is on refining their technique, both in the Capoeira game & obtaining musical confidence. The vanishing Green colour represents the end of the beginning stages. It symbolises the student approaching a new phase.


With this Cordel, the student has earned the title ‘Capoeirista’ with extended commitment beyond that of simply training for themselves, the student seeks ways of contributing to the school. (Eg. supporting their Teachers by preparing the room before class and putting instruments away after a Roda). The Yellow colour represents the student’s  full maturity, a symbol of being fully ripe, confident and ready.

9 – YELLOW with Yellow & Blue Tip

With this Cordel, the Capoeirista has shown dedication, commitment, understanding and skill within the World of Capoeira. The Capoeirista seeks to improve their game and also shifts awareness to ways Capoeira can be taught. The Blue colour represents the student’s new phase, symbolising the Capoeirista embarking on becoming an Instructor.

10 – YELLOW with Blue Tip

With this Cordel, the Capoeirista’s focus is developing their personal skill in passing on knowledge to others, while continuing to improve their own skill and style in understanding Capoeira. The full Blue Tip shows the student’s maturity symbolising continued growth with the new dimension of Teaching.


With this Cordel, the Capoeirista has earned the title ‘Monitor/a’. It is a reward for  long-term commitment to training and all-round improvement. The Blue colour begins to dominate the Cordel representing the student having demonstrated confidence and ability. It symbolises that the Capoeirista has enough understanding to begin teaching others.

12 – YELLOW & BLUE with Blue Tip: MONITOR II

This Cordel shows that the Capoeirista has had some experience teaching under supervision and has improved their Capoeira game and teaching style. The vanishing Yellow colour represents the end of an intermediate phase, representing the student’s ripening into yet another advanced phase.


With his Cordel, the student has earned the title ‘Instrutor/a’, it shows that the training of the body and mind needs to combine as one. To gain Teaching experience, the Capoeirista assists their Master in conducting classes, teaching music etc. The Blue colour represents the Capoeirista assuming the role of a Teacher, it symbolises becoming a role model and responsibly setting an example with their actions in and out of Capoeira.

14 – BLUE with Green, Yellow & Blue Tip:INSTRUTOR II

This Cordel shows the Capoeirista’s continued teaching under their Master and is developing their own unique teaching style & philosophy. The Green, Yellow, Blue Tip represents the student’s understanding of Capoeira is coming together as a whole and symbolises their ability and confidence is being developed in preparation to teach alone.


With this Cordel, the Capoeirista deserves the title ‘Professor/a’. This Cordel braids all colours together, representing the student’s experience and commitment and all the levels of Grading that have been surpassed. It symbolises that the Capoerista is on the way to becoming a Master of the Art of Capoeira.


At this level, the Capoeirista has earned the title ‘Contra-Mestre’ or ‘Contra-Mestra’. Now, the Capoeirista works solidly to attain Mastership, the Professor has demonstrated a sound grasp of the Artform, now only time and perserverance are required before becoming a ‘Mestre’. For the first time, the colour White appears in the Cordel representing the first stages of Mastership, it symbolises the peace attained by becoming a ‘Mestre’.


Finally, the Capoeirista receives the First Mestre’s Cordel and the right to be called ‘Mestre’ or ‘Mestra’, who must set an example to those they are teaching. This represents a Capoeirista who has lived countless moments, with much practical and emotional experience within the World of Capoeira, which is now a ‘Way of Life’ for the Capoeirista.


At this stage, the Mestre has matured further in the Artform of Capoeira. The Yellow colour represents this maturing process and symbolises the image of the Mestre becoming more and more established in the eyes of their students.


At this stage, the Mestre’s total focus is to attain the peace within their teaching and practice of Capoeira and within themselves as a person. The White colour in the Cordel represents this state of being. This is the second highest Grade achievable in the Artform of Capoeira.


At this stage, absolute PEACE has been acquired by the Capoeirista. The White colour dominates the Cordel and represents this state of being. This is the highest Grade achievable in the Artform of Capoeira. It grants the Capoeirista the maximum respect and admiration in the World of CAPOEIRA.


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