Each year, the Batizado Event is a tradition practiced by Capoeira Schools throughout the World, including Capoeira Filhos da Bahia. The Batizado is an initiation ritual and ceremony which has evolved a lot over the centuries and is still honoured in the practice of Capoeira in a modern and global context.

A student’s Batizado (Baptism) is the first time a student plays inside the Roda (Capoeira Playing Circle) with a Mestre de Capoeira (Master of Capoeira). In this way, it is a rite of passage. Often, a student may receive a ‘Nome de Guerra’, a new nickname that they become known by, in the Capoeira World.

In the past, students would train for many months before they set foot in the Roda. Today, although students may have experience playing inside the Roda, the Batizado is considered their first real experience of the Jogo de Capoeira (Game of Capoeira). It is the official initiation, welcome and blessing by the School.

All new beginners are eligible to participate in the Batizado and receive their initial Green Cordel (Belt).


Another important aspect of the Batizado is the ‘Troca de Cordelî’  (the exchange of belt). Mestres or Professors play one or more games with the older students and acknowledge their achievements by awarding them higher belts. Capoeira Filhos da Bahia school has our own system of Grading for the pathway of Capoeiristas towards Masterdom.

Each year, Capoeira Filhos da Bahia holds a week long Capoeira Festival involving workshops by visiting Masters and Teachers, public demonstrations, Rodas and a party to celebrate the year’s achievements. The Batizado & Troca de Cordeli are the highlight of this Annual Event where CFdB is joined by distinguished Masters from overseas & Capoeira groups from around Australia.

The Batizado is an integral part of training at Capoeira Filhos da Bahia school. All CFdB students without exception are expected to participate in this Annual Event, which is the highlight of the School Year. The Batizado is a fantastic time of learning and meeting new people with a shared passion. The Annual Event which is an International Encounter is the ultimate offering of a Mestre to his students in sharing and particpating in the experience of the combined energy of CAPOEIRA!

Mestre Val CELEBRATING 20 YEARS in AUSTRALIA – (L-R) Mestre Boa Gente, Mestre Gilson, Mestre Borracha, Mestre Amen Santo, Mestre Val Boa Morte, Contra-Mestre Dinho Boa Morte, Mestre Nei Boa Morte, Mestre Alfredo, Mestre Peixe in MELBOURNE, Australia 2013 – 20th CFdB International Capoeira Encounter 2013 In 2013, Mestre Val was also awarded a FULL WHITE Cordao – the Highest Level of Master in the CFdB Grading System.

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